Looking Back and Loving our Customers!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I spent some time looking through some photos this morning....remembering some of our customers that we cherish.  I am always amazed at the beauty and creativity that we see when we deliver some of our pieces!  We are so inspired and in awe at some of the decorating talent we see expressed!  We spend the time finding "just the right pieces", refinish them and always wonder where they will end up living!  In this case, two special pieces come to mind.  A pretty little vanity and didn't take on it's "pizazz" until Cheryl placed in it's rightful place and added the right touches, a gorgeous little nook in her dressing room....
This 1920s tri-fold mirrored vanity has never felt so special I am sure!
Cheryl was also looking for a very small dresser, something petite.....we actually had a 34" dresser...(that is hard to find!), it fit beautifully into the corner of her already gorgeous room!....
Thank you Cheryl for letting take a peek into your fabulous home!  We love to see where our pieces will live, re-purposing vintage pieces bring us such joy knowing that they get a second chance in such beautiful surroundings!

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