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We Simply Love our Customers!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

We work hard, yes we do!  But it begs the question of how we would fulfill our inert drive to create if it wasn't for what we do. Taking tired, worn furniture and envisioning what it could be is what spurs us on!  It all starts with our search...will we find that pice of furniture this week that "speaks" to us?  

Seeing potential in an individual piece, we purchase it, promising to bring her back to amazing glory! We feel that each piece we restore is once again on a journey to new horizons....where will she end up living?  I often think about that during the process......will she live in a warm climate, in the the the seashore?  I am always pleasantly surprised when each individual piece gets called home! Someone was waiting for her.  We LOVE our customers!  The fact that our work is so appreciated warms our heart!  It makes our hard work SO worth it!
During restoration...
This beautiful china closet now lives in Ohio.
This gorgeous bed and chairs reside in Texas.

Such pretty surroundings for our furniture!
This pretty table now resides in Connecticut....
Now I have to off to decide what to with our new finds!
Have a sparkling day!

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