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Not Just a Silver Lining...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We took the plunge! We have been toying with using metallic paints for a while now but needed to find the perfect piece to start with.  Using metallic paints seemed a daunting task, one that I was not sure about but after some trial and error, we think the petite French wicker sideboard turned out amazing!
I scoured the blogs and internet on tips on working with metallic paints....not too much information out important step that I did glean was to make sure to use grey primer under the metallic paint.  Missing that step makes for a mess! And boy....did I have a mess!
We painted the top surface of the server and HATED, hated, hated how it looked....I wasn't sure if it needed to be lightly distressed or heavily distressed...or not painted at all...arrrggg! kind of reminded me of restaurant stainless steel...NOT the look we were going for!
 Oh!  what to do!......sanding the top paint off was in order along with heavier distressing...thoughts of ditching the project kept crossing my mind....Alas!  This project was not going to get the best of me!
So after fussing and mussing, I took the plunge and sanded the top leaving hints of silver paint, making her look just right!  A lot of distressing, a little staining and a lot of waxing gave her the look I wanted....
Ah! she looked so pretty in the sunlight! Just the right amount of distressing made her POP!
I can just imagine her in the right setting!  She will certainly shine!
We won't be so afraid of metallic paints in the future, trial and error made us brave!
Such a pretty sparkling gem!

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Cottage Square Bottom Bed, So Fantastic!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The things dreams are made of....romantic furniture from an era when life was a little simpler!  We have turned this art deco beauty into a piece of usable art.  Can't you imagine her piled high with pretty pillows? 
She was sitting in a lonely corner of our local Auction house.  She caught our eye.....we knew she could once again be beautiful....a sight to behold!
We pulled her out from the wall and noticed she had a gorgeous square bottom....OH! how lovely she would be once again, we decided she needed to go home with us to get a makeover!  We worked our magic, restored her to perfection!  She is now waiting to spend the rest of her happy years in a beautiful Romantic Cottage Home!

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