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A Romantic China Closet and a Tale of my Excitement!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Once I laid eyes on her, I knew that I HAD to have her....Sitting there all alone in a corner of a dark and lonely antique store....I saw her potential.  My mind was racing about the possibilities that lay before her.......  I had just gotten out of the hospital, my arm in a sling.  Yep...I had just gotten home from a total shoulder replacement!  That particular day I decided to ride along with my husband as he delivered two of our recently restored armoires to a dear customer in Rhode Island.   On our trip homeward my eyes were darting left and right for hidden treasure spots where I could find a special piece that may be awaiting a new life! I SPOTTED IT! A shop hidden in the bushes, I caught a glimpse of part of an overgrown sign that said "ANTIQUES".   A delighted squeal erupted from me and almost scared my hubby to death!  I then asked my husband nicely  yelled for my husband to go back so I could look inside.  He humored me and around we turned, me sitting at the edge of my seat with great anticipation.  "You know you aren't going to be able to work on furniture for a couple more months" he said......"Um....I know" I said with weak conviction, I'd find a way to continue my work even if it meant I would become left handed!  Inside I went and there SHE was!  The most beautiful 1920s china closet, pristine yet in need of finding a new purpose, a new look and a new home.  
I checked her out top to bottom, wiggled her legs, opened her drawers, looked at her interior....great bones, no issues, just in need of some TLC.  
It would be months before I could tackle her,but that was OK, it was all good as long as I knew she could come home with me, it was her time to join the 21st century, her time to shine!
Now that I am in full swing again and fully recovered, it was time to restore this beauty, turn her into a dream come true.  Working on her made sis and I smile, seeing her turn into a beautiful piece of art made us happy.  We carefully took her apart, shelves removed, grill removed, glass removed, we painstakingly gave her the attention she needed, she was worth it!
Here she is finished:
 Restored shabby chic China Closet
We painted her a shade of creamy white, distressed her lightly and added beautiful crystal knobs to her door and her drawers.
If you look inside the drawers you will find a pretty surprise!
Shabby chic painted china
Each of her drawers have been painted a pretty shade of French blue, lovingly stenciled with a beautiful flower basket stencil.  
White shabby chic china closet
So pretty!
This stunning china closet will be the centerpiece of someone's home!
White chalk painted china closet
 Her beautiful carved legs are so typical 1920s.... full of romance and are so charming!
Painted Cottage Furniture
 Her interior two shelves have plate grooves, perfect for platters and dishes
Painted cottage buffet
She would be perfect for linen storage, craft room storage, toy storage or spectacular in a bathroom to store towels and toiletries! 
French farmhouse painted cottage furniture
This restoration was so much fun and so rewarding, we eagerly await that special person that will call her home!  Will it be you? 

This stunning restored China Closet can be found in our Etsy store.

We ship country wide and can provide you with a shipping quote if you provide us with your ZIP code.  All shipping is fully insured, let us handle all the details for you, all you have to do is wait for her to be delivered to your home!  
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