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In Persuit of Perfection....or Adding to Perfection?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Our teal sideboard in one of our amazing clients home
I've been sitting here perusing Pinterest, Beautiful Home Decor Blogs, amazing Facebook pages feeling a little bit humbled and a lot in awe.... it makes me reflect and admire those that can create such beauty that surrounds them and how in the world do they accomplish it?   I say this in anguish as I look around my home and see the dog's leash strewn over the chair in the slipper here, one slipper there...a rolling dust bunny taunts me as I type this, would I ever be able to attain this kind of beauty surrounding me?  

The dust bunny culprit

I am pondering this question...rolling it around and around in my head  thinking of our dear clients and then, all of a sudden.....a light-bulb moment....WAIT!  Our purpose is to HELP those that want beauty surrounding them! Then.... and only then I feel a sense of calm settle over me......YES!.....our calling is to help others attain this kind of beauty.... to see their vision and help them create it.  Whew! I feel better!  

We have had some amazing customers over the years!  Thank You!

  One (we have many!) of my many favorite clients to remember is Marty.  Marty and his wife Missy are in the process restoring a gorgeous Ship Captains home on the Connecticut River in Middle Haddam.  Missy surprised Marty with our Linen Press, one that Marty had been admiring for quite a while. Marty was taken totally by surprise and his response was priceless!...a response that I personally was honored to see!  It makes my heart glad to know how much our work is appreciated!
Marty's surprise!

Yes, we work hard, we take our job seriously.  To realize that we are instrumental in helping others attain their vision is a true reward, dust bunnies and all!.  Yes, we are in the pursuit of perfection, we are in the business of helping many attain perfection for their homes!  What more could we ask?  

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Winter is here! Embrace the Beauty!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hmmm... "embrace the beauty you say?"  "It's too cold!" you say!  Yes, it's cold, bone chilling cold, so cold it makes you want to nest and stay by the fire all day!...Not easy to do for most of included I'm sure!  So why not take a moment and drink in the beauty that this time of year has to offer. Yes, Embrace the Beauty!
My favorite time is late afternoon....when the sun is settling in for the evening, just bright enough to peek through the trees, but in a state of tired dullness that makes you realize that another day is coming to a close...a day full of accomplishments, aching muscles from restoring furniture, spending time with sis and happy, creative times all rolled into one.... A few frustrations here and there, but hey!....  That's life....the stuff that makes us who we are!  We have to remind ourselves to take time to enjoy, embrace the beauty, no matter what form it takes! 

I like to reflect. I enjoy looking back at photo's that I have taken of different seasons.  Somehow the beauty of winter never stops amazing me! The clouds remind us change is in the air....Seeing the afternoon light hit the snow....just produce a million sparkling diamonds.  Breathing in the cold crisp air....hearing the crunch of snow under footsteps, so reminiscent of childhood.... remembering (laughingly) of how many hours were spent in the cold with freezing toes and fingers....sliding down this very hill! Then it was the grueling walk home across the street (100 yards!) to be greeted by mom with hot cocoa, warm soup and apple pie.  Oh YUM!

Pie Anyone?


So..... Embrace each day, glean from it what you will, enjoy the frigid, bone chilling cold....Accomplish all that makes you happy. Make memories, Embrace the beauty! will make you feel alive! 

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A little this...A little that...

Friday, January 9, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy! 
Wonder what we have been up to?  
Well, this year is bringing us projects that are long overdue!  Revamping our website, updating our blog with the intentions of keeping everyone up to date with our goings on! 
Updating the website was somewhat of a trial, our web-host decided to change servers, bringing us to our knees us lots of tense moments wondering if we were EVER going to get what we needed to get done, done! 
                             The life of multitasking, Painting Diva is not an easy one!
  • Attending and viewing potential auctions and Estate sales...
  • Packing the vans of awesome finds from auctions and estate sales...
  • Convincing husbands that, yes, WE REALLY NEEDED THIS!... Honest!
  • Unpacking our finds and finding a place in an already overfilled storage area ...
  • Cleaning, repairing and painting furniture...
  • Staging furniture in sub-below temps outside to make it pretty...
  • Talking to customers and arranging shipping...
  • Trying to make sense of what Facebook is REALLY about and why we have to pay now..
  • Tweeting...or trying to tweet and figure out what it does for us....
  • Updating Pinterest and seeing what everyone is doing...
  • Updating Tumblr and trying to grasp how to use it...
  • Instagraming  daily life events and make it seem like we're normal...
  • Spending HOURS perusing Etsy for awesome things we may need...
  • Viewing FORUMS to keep up with new trends and techniques...
  • Making sure our families are taken care of, clean laundry, food in the fridge and a semblance of a clean house! ....and oh yes, dog walking, dog play and an occasional family outing... 
The list could go on and on....I am sure you all could add a million things to this list.....

Bottom line?  We LOVE  what we do and we LOVE to see all of you here and on Facebook, you all mean so much to us, we would love to hear your comments and see what the New Year Brings!  

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Just What Have We Been Up To?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lots of pretty refinished furniture, getting ready for spring!

A pretty end of couch bench done in pink and green....

How about a darling flat top vanity done in stawberry pink?  Such a pretty surprise inside!
Wake up your decor with a beautiful blue cedar chest!
How about a gorgeous slipper chair in Ralph Lauren Rose linen?

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