In Persuit of Perfection....or Adding to Perfection?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Our teal sideboard in one of our amazing clients home
I've been sitting here perusing Pinterest, Beautiful Home Decor Blogs, amazing Facebook pages feeling a little bit humbled and a lot in awe.... it makes me reflect and admire those that can create such beauty that surrounds them and how in the world do they accomplish it?   I say this in anguish as I look around my home and see the dog's leash strewn over the chair in the slipper here, one slipper there...a rolling dust bunny taunts me as I type this, would I ever be able to attain this kind of beauty surrounding me?  

The dust bunny culprit

I am pondering this question...rolling it around and around in my head  thinking of our dear clients and then, all of a sudden.....a light-bulb moment....WAIT!  Our purpose is to HELP those that want beauty surrounding them! Then.... and only then I feel a sense of calm settle over me......YES!.....our calling is to help others attain this kind of beauty.... to see their vision and help them create it.  Whew! I feel better!  

We have had some amazing customers over the years!  Thank You!

  One (we have many!) of my many favorite clients to remember is Marty.  Marty and his wife Missy are in the process restoring a gorgeous Ship Captains home on the Connecticut River in Middle Haddam.  Missy surprised Marty with our Linen Press, one that Marty had been admiring for quite a while. Marty was taken totally by surprise and his response was priceless!...a response that I personally was honored to see!  It makes my heart glad to know how much our work is appreciated!
Marty's surprise!

Yes, we work hard, we take our job seriously.  To realize that we are instrumental in helping others attain their vision is a true reward, dust bunnies and all!.  Yes, we are in the pursuit of perfection, we are in the business of helping many attain perfection for their homes!  What more could we ask?  

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