Winter is here! Embrace the Beauty!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hmmm... "embrace the beauty you say?"  "It's too cold!" you say!  Yes, it's cold, bone chilling cold, so cold it makes you want to nest and stay by the fire all day!...Not easy to do for most of included I'm sure!  So why not take a moment and drink in the beauty that this time of year has to offer. Yes, Embrace the Beauty!
My favorite time is late afternoon....when the sun is settling in for the evening, just bright enough to peek through the trees, but in a state of tired dullness that makes you realize that another day is coming to a close...a day full of accomplishments, aching muscles from restoring furniture, spending time with sis and happy, creative times all rolled into one.... A few frustrations here and there, but hey!....  That's life....the stuff that makes us who we are!  We have to remind ourselves to take time to enjoy, embrace the beauty, no matter what form it takes! 

I like to reflect. I enjoy looking back at photo's that I have taken of different seasons.  Somehow the beauty of winter never stops amazing me! The clouds remind us change is in the air....Seeing the afternoon light hit the snow....just produce a million sparkling diamonds.  Breathing in the cold crisp air....hearing the crunch of snow under footsteps, so reminiscent of childhood.... remembering (laughingly) of how many hours were spent in the cold with freezing toes and fingers....sliding down this very hill! Then it was the grueling walk home across the street (100 yards!) to be greeted by mom with hot cocoa, warm soup and apple pie.  Oh YUM!

Pie Anyone?


So..... Embrace each day, glean from it what you will, enjoy the frigid, bone chilling cold....Accomplish all that makes you happy. Make memories, Embrace the beauty! will make you feel alive! 

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2 Responses to “Winter is here! Embrace the Beauty!”

  1. Even though it looks bone chilling, it looks just as you describe, I almost see your childhood sledding. You have a lovely page.