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This Ain't your Mama's China Closet!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

We have spent so much time with this gorgeous 1920s china closet, I felt quite attached by the time she was finished!  She was sitting sad and lonely for quite some time in our storage area until one day I gave her the eye and said "you're finally getting your day"!  I honestly thought I saw a glimmer of hope in her then grimy window....she wanted to shine once again.  We brought her to the workroom and spent some time dismantling her and finding out that she was missing a top pediment and her window fretwork was missing.   So sis and I set off to make her gorgeous again.....drawing, sawing, sanding....she came together beautifully!  New crystal knobs grace her front along with beautiful rose garlands galore.  WoW!  Sis and I are becoming quite the professionals if I do say so myself.  No husbands were involved in her!

In all her glory once again...

Shabby Chic China closet

Pretty from all sides!

Another beautiful surprise can be found when you open her wonderful bottom storage drawer...
A beautiful French Flower Basket Stencil!
The drawer interior is painted the same gorgeous shade of French Blue with a wonderful French Flower Basket stencil topped off with new sparkly crystal knobs.

You can find this beauty in our ETSY store, and if by chance when you go to visit her she has already sold, we can create one just for you!  Just drop us a line and we will be happy to call you to discuss the possibilities! 
A great video of her can be found on our Facebook Page!

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