Cottage Square Bottom Bed, So Fantastic!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The things dreams are made of....romantic furniture from an era when life was a little simpler!  We have turned this art deco beauty into a piece of usable art.  Can't you imagine her piled high with pretty pillows? 
She was sitting in a lonely corner of our local Auction house.  She caught our eye.....we knew she could once again be beautiful....a sight to behold!
We pulled her out from the wall and noticed she had a gorgeous square bottom....OH! how lovely she would be once again, we decided she needed to go home with us to get a makeover!  We worked our magic, restored her to perfection!  She is now waiting to spend the rest of her happy years in a beautiful Romantic Cottage Home!

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3 Responses to “Cottage Square Bottom Bed, So Fantastic!”

  1. She is lovely! I have never heard of a square bottom bed. I assume it is the panel on the bottom? I like the step down detail from the footboard to the side rail too. What size is this bed??

  2. Hi Amy! The step down is attached to the foot-board, commonly known as an art deco "square bottomed bed". It is lovely! This is a full sized bed, a standard full size mattress and box spring with a total overall height of 17.5" is what is needed. If you were to use one of the newer overstuffed pillow top mattresses, you would eliminate the box spring and use a bunkie board underneath.

  3. So Beautiful!!!! I would have a hard time parting with her. I have always wanted a white vintage bed, but I have a huge king and I have never found one big enough. I don't think they even made big beds back then.
    The bed frame is so dreamy!
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth