Romance and Flowers...Remembering a Year Ago....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I think that we have mentioned that both Sue and I at one time in our career(s) were involved in the florist industry.  Sue went to Florist Design School in Wellesley Mass and I was self taught by watching her work her magic!  I ended up in the Florist Industry for many years, bridal consultation was my specialty and my passion.  Last year at this time we created some pretty fantastic floral arrangements for a family member.  Her wedding reception was taking place at the Branford House in New London, Connecticut, a gorgeous old mansion now used for such fabulous events.  A year before we had gone there to help plan the decorations, once seeing the place we realized we had our work cut out for us!  What a gorgeous facility, so magnificent! 
 The bride had some beautiful ideas in mind, she loves old romantic movies, vintage looking clothing,  all things grand, and this venue certainly made a dramatic initial impression and offers an almost overstimulating array of architectural and visual detail!  Using her words, we worked hard to create what her vision would be: 

"I would have liked the arrangements even without the plumes, but the generous scattering of peacock and ostrich feathers turned up the glamor quotient and made everything a little bit more special and a little more “me.”  With visions of flappers holding ostrich feather fans and Ginger Rogers floating across a dance floor with a skirt made entirely of ostrich plumes tumbling around in my head, feathers also say “vintage” to me, which was perfect for my theme. The floral arrangements and bouquets were some of my favorite details about the wedding.

Fully armed with all the  information about the bride we could gather, Sue and I set off to create our interpretation of this special day.
We were going to be guests at this beautiful wedding, so with the help of our willing husbands, ladders, numerous buckets of roses, berries, greens and hydrangea's, we headed off to the Branford House in the wee hours of the morning to get started transforming it into a bridal dream...
 The main hall upon entering had a two story walnut fireplace with a marble surround.  It was spectacular in stature, it would easily swallow up flower arrangements unless they were made large enough to make a statement.  The two candles in glass cylinders on the floor would eventually be placed on the mantle......easily 35 lbs each,  our husbands were given the task to accomplish this!  They each were 38" tall.  Scarey!
 Two side ballrooms also had pretty mantles that needed decoration.
We lined the table arrangements against the walls waiting for the caterer to place on the tables upon set up.  Each arrangement was 48" tall upon completion.   Can you believe the gorgeous decoration on the walnut wall panels?
We added Ostrich feathers on the bottom of the hydrangea, rose and berry arrangement for a beautiful vintage "flapper" feel.
These amazing arrangements were lined up in the side ballroom, ready to be placed on the tables.  The bride came into see them for the first time, her excitement was hard to contain....the picture say's it all!  Her happiness and joy tickled us.....she LOVED them!  I really don't think she expected them to be so pretty!
 Then we were off to show her her bridal bouquet which pleased her also!
  We put a fluffy, romantic collar of ostrich feathers around the bouquet of English garden roses, pearls and berries.....perfect!  Then she examined the bridesmaids bouquets.  Peacock feathers were in order with jewel tones...

The day was spectacular.......mid 70's...bright blue skies....a perfect day for a wedding!
The caterer arrived and we started to see our work come together once the tables were set...
 All of the ballrooms were set up and ready to go.....ah!  Sooo pretty!
The wedding was a dream come true, the Bride and the Bridegroom were happy (and beautiful)!
They were rewarded with the most gorgeous sunset that I can remember!
And WE were rewarded with a delicious dinner!
OH!  What a night we had!
(The empty seat below is mine!  I was taking pictures!)

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2 Responses to “Romance and Flowers...Remembering a Year Ago....”

  1. Wow those centerpieces are so incredible! I did not realize how big they were when you had them on the floor~when they were on the tables I could see the scale~just tremendous! You did a beautiful job on the flowers with Linda! I pinned the centerpiece, what a pretty xmas arrangement it would make too.

  2. Thanks Amy, we were excited to do "something out of the box", getting to change our everyday furniture refinishing was fun for a change. brought me back to the days of wedding set ups and always the thought in the back of our mind was that something COULD go terribly wrong, thankfully we pulled this off beautifully! Thank you for pinning us!