"How Much is that Doggie in the Mirror"...The one with the wiggly tail?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just finished a pretty Cheval mirror and Mr. "I have to see everything"  Ozzie decided he wanted to sit in front of it and stare at himself for a while!
Oz was trying to figure out if it was a playmate....

He would have sat there all day if we had let him!, Ah... the wonders of puppy-hood!
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You get to choose which piece you want...hopefully you will win! Go check it out!
A big shoutout of "THANKS!" to Amy from Maison Decor for featuring us on her blog yesterday and for being so sweet to help us gain followers, you are wonderful Amy! ♥
Have a splendid day all!

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2 Responses to “"How Much is that Doggie in the Mirror"...The one with the wiggly tail?”

  1. Oh gosh is he the cutest little guy or what?? I could stare at him staring at himself all day! Pretty mirror too of course! I was trying to check your followers but that pesky blogger sometimes does not load the follower gadget so I can't see your followers at the moment~I often think that when someone wants to follow and the "follower" button is not working an opportunity is lost. Wish they would fix that. I hope to see more of your beautiful works on my sidebar as they get painted up and put in your shop~you might consider adding a small online shop for your creations like the plaque on the giveaway you are doing. Things that you can ship out (all in your SPARE time !)

  2. And just as I posted this comment your followers are back!! yeehaw!