Painting and Baby (puppy) Sitting

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sister Sue and her hubby took a couple of days off and Auntie (me) agreed to take care of Ozzie....all at the same time I was going to try to paint an amazing sideboard I have wanted to tackle....Glad to say that Ozzie was a precious boy and cooperated nicely throughout the day....he even helped me!  He agreed to pose pretty for me when I finished the piece!

He wasn't quite sure what he should do, then he got it!
For a 9 week old puppy, he is smart, happy and willing to entertain himself nicely....I was happy too, it allowed me to get some work done, good dog!
This piece was so much fun to do!!!!
I added a gorgeous stencil motif to add some charm...

Beautiful side detailing....fabulous legs! 
So smooth and lovely!

The top has been left natural, stained and varnished......
She will be posted on line for sale maybe tonight or tomorrow...
OOPS....Gotta go, Ozzie is AWAKE!!!!

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7 Responses to “Painting and Baby (puppy) Sitting”

  1. Oh Linda, this might be one of my most favorite pieces I have seen yet! I adore this look~the stencil and the distressing on top of that wonderful color is fantastic~! And that sweet little poser, how darling is he??

  2. Thank you Amy! A compliment from you is always cherished. You are so talented yourself, I am always am in awe of you. We thank you for your constant incouragement!

  3. This is beautiful and so is Ozzie!! :) Hope you are enjoying a lovely Autumn season.



  4. I don't know which I love more...the chest or the puppy. I think the puppy....just cause I love puppies so much but the chest is really pretty. I featured it today on Mod Mix Monday!

  5. Is this piece available for sale? Love it !!!
    Want it !!!

  6. @Mystic Jo, yes, it is for sale on our website,, give us a call and we can work out a deal for you! 1-860-684-4695 ♥♥♥