Our Progress Report....

Friday, October 7, 2011

After the great show we had in September the need to restock our website with great new pieces is pressing!  Working hard every day is not new to us, but WOW! our progress has not been what it usually is!  WHY? you ask.....(drum roll please......)  *THIS* is WHY!.....Enter Oswald, AKA Ozzie:

Ozzie, in his 9 week splendor, such a good boy, but WOW! puppies are hard work!

We lost our Molly, Sue's 12 year old yellow lab in June.  It certainly took its toll on us, our workroom needs canine companionship!  Life is never the same for us without it.  (We miss you Molly!)  So in between  puppy play and kisses with a few potty breaks thrown in we ARE getting the work done!  A few new pieces will be going on line this afternoon!
In the meantime, Caleb is waiting patiently to drive me to the next auction (his favorite thing in the world, he LOVES auctions!)
Stay tuned!.......

(Buddies Forever!) Caleb's new BFF

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2 Responses to “Our Progress Report....”

  1. OMG they are the cutest together!! What a ton of work puppies are, that is why they make them so cute, so we don't mind!! He is a real sweet looking dog. Hugs to him and handsome Caleb!