We are feeling "Simply Fabulous!"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

What a joy it was to speak with Robin Baron and Mollie Magill from Simplifying Fabulous about tips for new shoppers at the Brimfield Antique Show.  We were so excited to see ourselves featured in Interior Designer Robin Baron's blog!  The blog post shares great tips from various dealers throught Brimfield on how to get the most from time spent there!  We look forward to seeing many new faces visiting us next year!  Thank you Robin and Molly for taking the time to interview us!

We are now off to some auctions to find some SIMPLY FABULOUS pieces to restore so we can fill up our website for our wonderful customers, stay tuned!

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One Response to “We are feeling "Simply Fabulous!"”

  1. That was great~good feature and tips. Looks like your booth was loaded, by the time I got there on Saturday you had sold a ton!! So nice meeting up with you two there. the pretty blue floral quilt I got from you is in my living room as we speak! Look for it on the couch in a future post.