Brimfield Antique Show September 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wow!  What a time it was!  The weather went from the full gamut of typhoon to hot and sunny!  One day we were wearing rain parkas, down coats and rubber boots then by Friday we were back into shorts and flip flops!  One statement about the show would be "typical New England weather!"  One comical sight was the dealer next to us that put his wooden duck decoys out to enjoy the "pond".  By the time I took this picture, it had mostly dried up, before that they had the joy of swimming the whole front of our booths!  QUACK!

One of the highlights of the week was actually getting to meet a Amy from Maison Decor!
Amy has always been an encouragement, just reading her blog makes you want to go out and do something creative!  She is just as charming and sweet in person as she is in her blog and posts.  It was such fun meeting her in person!  I have suggested that she head up a bus trip next May to come to Brimfield with fellow bloggers, we could host a tea party and a stop off point to rest!
While I was out and about, I ran into Amy and Sue merrily checking out the "chic" booths, looks like she found a treasure!

After a hard day of shopping, Amy stopped back at our booth sit sit and chat with Juniper Hill Sue:

We had a really great week welcoming many of our favorite customers:

Even the husbands liked sitting in our chairs!
The weather almost got us at the start, but once again we have to thank our faithful, wonderful customers for a great show in September 2011!

Now it's back to auctions we go!  Must fill the web site up once again with great stuff!  Check out the set of dressers we just picked up yesterday, circa 1917, we will post an after picture when they are done!

Stay Tuned!!!!

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One Response to “Brimfield Antique Show September 2011”

  1. You are so talented! I will be staying tuned to see these beauties transformed. Thanks for saying such nice things about my visit~I am definitely coming back in May...maybe a teaparty round up at your place will be in the works. Hi to sis~