Our wonderful trip to Williamsburg Virginia

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

While going through some pictures of our recent visit to Williamsburg VA,  I was once again reminded of the absolute beauty of Colonial Williamsburg, a piece of history that has been restored for us to enjoy.  I know my impression is one of romance and grandeur, but the reality is that it was a hard way of life unless you were rich.....I know I wouldn't have been rich....but it is nice to daydream of days gone by....
The Apothecary Shop 
I adore the color!

I would LOVE to have the blue and white pottery!

The Chandeliers were breathtaking!

To be a proper lady or gentleman, you would absolutely need a wig....

And of course the finest made dress and undergarments from the dress shop...
(I adore the cabinetry)

Then off to the Inn for some lunch....

I loved this sweet ox:

And his friend the pet chicken (he's 11 years old!)

And if I lived there, I would want this to be my backyard, sheep and all:

If you love history and gorgeous surroundings, plan a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, it is truly beautiful!

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3 Responses to “Our wonderful trip to Williamsburg Virginia”

  1. How lovely, I bet that was an awesome sight to see. I would love to visit there one day! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I would love to visit Colonial Williamsburg, maybe one day I will. The dresses were so beautiful, but I bet very heavy.
    A fun place to visit full of history.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  3. One of our favorite places on earth! We used to visit annually with our girls, but haven't been in half a dozen years. Was the tailor sitting cross-legged on the counter?

    My brother and his wife are retiring to Williamsburg, so I'll have an excuse to visit often again!

    thanks for reviving wonderful memories for me.