All the Leaves are brown and the sky is grey....

Friday, November 13, 2009

The words of that song from the Mamma's and Papa's come to mind every fall.  My sister and I usually will sing it on our gallivanting trips on our way to auctions and estate sales.  Somehow the feeling of brown falling leaves and grey skies brings about a warm feeling of wanting to bake and do some nesting and collecting!  We accomplish both while we enjoy each other's company.  Talk about nesting, how about this luscious pie that we made today?  We added crust leaves to the top to herald in the blustery fall day... cranberry pie, can it get any better than that with a cup of tea?

My sister is an avid collector of Blue Calico dishes, so pretty atop a chic and shabby table with vintage lace doilies!  She has the most awesome pie server to die for in sliver, notice the butterfiles and flower etchings...

My love of pewter drives me to collect all different types of pretties....  How about this really rare cream pitcher with ram heads and legs?  I have left the patina on it because it is so awesome!  I would guess that it is an art deco piece, circa 1920's

Pewter coffee pots drive me wild too...

Sometimes I wish these items we collect could talk.....I would love to know where they came from and know all the secrets they could tell!

And oh yes!  The pie was scrumptious!

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5 Responses to “All the Leaves are brown and the sky is grey....”

  1. A treat for one, how delightful.

    (I just love the little shoes to.)

    Thank you for sharing and have a GRAND weekend.

  2. So many pretty things - thanks for sharing. The pie looks so good.

  3. I couldn't keep my eyes off of the pie. I know what you mean about fall bringing out the need to bake, nest, and collect... and eat! If you'd care to share that recipe, look me up.

  4. Thank you so much for visiting "Home is Where the Heart is". It's wonderful to meet you!.
    I absolutely love your blog! it was a delight to read and your photo's are so pretty. I too adore the 1920's cream pitcher it's so charming!. I love that your are sisters and are so close and have fun doing what you enjoy. My sister comes to visit and we shop all the antique stores and explore all the new ones we can find..
    I have become a followers so I can keep up with all your postings.
    Have a enjoyable week,

  5. That looks so delicious and pretty. I love blue calico too, but I only have one plate. Your setting is just lovely. Thanks for stopping by!