Brimfield Antique Show! What a fun time!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ah! what fun we had!  The show was Sept 8-13.  As usual, we set our booth up at Brimfield Mass Antique show hoping that the week would bring us good weather and lots of great customers.  The show did not disappoint us except for one day of terrible weather!  You certainly know you have serious customers when they come trudging out in rain and cold!  They found us with down jackets on, wrapped up in blankets so we could stay warm!  Even though the temperature was around 60 degrees, sitting outside chills you to the bone. Burrrrr!  We were so happy to see so many familiar faces, and really, really happy when past customers would stop by to tell us how much they love their furniture.  Knowing that all our hard work is appreciated so much makes our hard work so worth while.  We can always tell how successful we have been at meeting new customers when our lollipop bowl empties out, it is a good gauge of how many people pass through to shop!  We will be getting ready for our show schedule next year, our next show will be in May.  It seems
so far away, but it does come fast amongst the daily orders and customer requests! 
The show dates for 2010 are: May 11-16 • July 13-18 • Sept 7-12 .  Check out the Brimfiled Exhange web site to plan your spring trip to visit us!

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