Ahh! Wedding flowers and such....

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ok, I admit it, in my past life, I was a florist and wedding consultant. I have since left that profession and pursued an antique business with my sister.  The joy of working with flowers is never forgotten, sort of like how you never forget how to ride a bike!  I will share with you two of the latest wedding creations I have recently done, after all it is "Show and tell Friday", a time when we are allowed to brag about our talents!
My nephew and new nieces wedding:

 The love for flowers will always be in my soul.  Doing wedding flowers for cherished family and friends is very different than doing them for strangers, the quest for excellence and pleasing them is very stressful and yet exhilarating!  We were so pleasantly surprised when my nephews wedding pictures hit the front page and inside of Professional Photographer magazine.  It was a proud Aunt moment!

The vast assortment and colors available today is amazing!  To be let loose in the refrigerator of the wholesale floral warehouse can be both mind boggling and thrilling at the same time!  These bouquets looked stunning with the antique apple color dresses the bridesmaids wore in a cousins wedding. This picture was taken while the bouquets were still being stored for delivery in the florist box.

Even the joys of making simple bouquets  for anniversary parties is a fun adventure, I used local flora and fauna for some pretty unstructured arrangements for a special friend of ours.  Searching the roadsides for wild asters and  hydrangea was fun!  Lots of neighbors graciously let us cut a few hydrangea from their yards. We used all of our antique coffee pots and crocks to pull off beautiful table arrangements.  The effect was stunning in the 1860s theater that we rented.

All in all, I have to admit that going back to my flower arranging days is sometimes a fun break from refinishing furniture, certainly one that brings joy to lots of loved ones, and happiness in knowing that  I have added to their special day!

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3 Responses to “Ahh! Wedding flowers and such....”

  1. Your flower arrangements are beautiful, and I can only imagine how special it would be to create the flowers for a wedding.

    I've just joined as your 8th Follower! I'm looking forward to reading & seeing more of the beauty you share.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Those bouquets are simple and elegant. Congrats on your nephew and nieces notariety!


  3. Your flower arrangements are gorgeous!!! That is a job I always thought would be wonderful! I actually looked into taking some classes at our Jr. College here a few years ago. Your nephew's wedding picture is so beautiful! I can see why it made the mag cover!!!