Painted Cottage Furniture.....Painted Cottage Style, What is it?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Ahhh.....  familiar terms that describe the type of decor that we want to accomplish to get that "feeling" of home! Whether or not we love Shabby Chic style, Painted Cottage style, French Farmhouse Chic, French Country, Farmhouse Decor, Coastal Chic Home, or an amazing Romantic Style Home it can be accomplished by adding beautiful furnishings and touches to your style of choice.  We will start with Painted Cottage Style:

Painted Cottage Armoire

Painted Cottage style furniture is usually very romantic, reminiscent of the time it was produced.  Pieces of cottage furniture can date anywhere from 1890-1940.  The industrial age of mass produced furniture began!  Usually Cottage Style furniture was factory made with woods such as walnut and mahogany and veneers were used in abundance.  In their natural state, these pieces can be unattractive and look tired to most, but we can make them shine again!   Most would refer this style as "Shabby Chic". We refer to it as Painted Cottage Furniture. We work our magic and make these timeworn pieces come alive again!

Restored cottage armoire
Before restoration
Painted Cottage armoire restored, roses and glass knobs
After restoration

Painted Cottage Beds
Painted Cottage beds usually were produced between 1890-1940 were offered in "Twin size" and "Full size"  Queen and King size beds were not offered until the 1950s-60s.  Painted Cottage Beds are perfect additions to Children's bedrooms, Beach Cottages, Romantic Homes, Shabby Chic decor, guest rooms and Painted Cottage style homes.  They can be so Romantic Home Style and fit into today's French Country decor.  They can be either newly upholstered and painted or just painted with floral appliques added.
Shabby Chic painted cottage bed with posters and roses
Vintage Painted Cottage Style Bed

Painted Cottage shabby chic bed white
1920s Painted Cottage style bed

 Painted cottage beds with roses
Vintage 1930s Cottage Style Painted Bed
 Painted Cottage Bed white
King or Queen style Painted Cottage Bed

Painted Cottage Dressers

Dressers that are considered Cottage Dressers usually were made of walnut with veneer or mahogany.  It was common to see them with attached mirrors that were on stanchions.  These sets were commonly sold in catalogs such as Sears or in local furniture stores.  This type of furniture was considered inexpensive and affordable for the normal household.  We now find them irresistibly charming to use as Painted Cottage Furniture because of their romantic lines and durability.   

Shabby chic tall painted dresser with rose appliques
1920s tall chest Painted Cottage Furniture

Shabby Chic style dresser with glass knobs
1920s Cottage Dresser with floral appliques

Shabby Chic Painted Cottage dresser
Painted Cottage tall dresser with floral appliques
We pride ourselves on our workmanship and quality!  If you have need of any Painted Cottage Furniture, give us a call!  We will be more than happy to help you find the perfect piece for your home!

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