Breathing New Life Into Vintage Furniture...

Friday, August 12, 2011

My thoughts always turn to wondering where a piece of furniture has been all it's life, what kind of family it has lived with and was it happy?  Sounds silly, but I often wonder what would happen if we could peek inside the history of each piece that we re-purpose for a new did she end up alone?
As I was working on this pretty little cedar chest, I wondered if she had once been used for a hope chest~perhaps she lovingly stored wonderful linens and pretties for the future dream of a special new home.....
Maybe a beautiful wedding dress and lingerie for that ~special day~ many long years ago? 

                   She sat lonely and sad at a local estate sale and we just HAD to take her home.  I assured her she would one day have a life that would become her, a second chance if you will...We decided that in her new life, she would wear a luscious teal. Very bold for a lady her age!.... I'd like to think that she is smiling with anticipation of what her new life will bring.....will she belong to a new bride? ~ Will she live by the sea? ~ Will she live in a childs room?....Or perhaps she will be a city chest and lovingly store winter sweaters and scarves?  Hmmmm.....stay tuned to find out! :)

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2 Responses to “Breathing New Life Into Vintage Furniture...”

  1. I wonder about stuff like that too! I really like your finish on this pretty chest.

  2. I have a cedar chest very similar to this one! There are currently no legs on it. I'm wondering how long are the legs on your chest? I thought of using shorter ones, but I really like the look of yours. Thanks!