A Gorgeous Home and a Fun Day!

Friday, July 23, 2010

It isn't often that we get to see where our finished furniture resides!  We had the opportunity to deliver four pieces of our furniture to a wonderful customer we met at the Brimfield Antique Show last week.  We were so pleased to see the pieces put in place to see them in their full glory.  What an amazing Romantic Home!

What a spectacular home, I wanted to stay there!  Everything was so beautifully decorated!
We added the cottage dresser in the corner of the dining room.

Our petite vanity and stool looked fabulous in the dressing room!

We ♥♥♥ LOVE♥♥♥ our customers!

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5 Responses to “A Gorgeous Home and a Fun Day!”

  1. What a beautiful home, I wanna see more (;

  2. This is gorgeous, her home is very lovely. You know I always say to the shop owners how nice it would be if people would share photos of there homes with the purchases they had made and here you have one. That was so nice of her to show you how everything looks....

    Have a Great Day*

  3. Thank you so much for your visit and sweet comment on my blog today!:o) I am always so delighted when someone new drops by to say hello.

    I am still trying to catch my breath after visiting your lovely shop, everything is absolutely beautiful!! What beautiful work and gorgeous pieces! I simply could not choose a favorite, they are all amazing.

    How wonderful it must have been to visit this lovely home with all your lovely pieces, and a beautiful home it is. That little rose covered bench is the sweetest.

    Again I am so happy to have met you and hope you drop in for another visit soon.



  4. That is a really beautiful house. So romantic-looking.

  5. Glad I was able to become a follower. It seems to be working this morning. I love your blog and what you do with furniture. There is a new blog starting up called The Rehab Boutique. She has some beautiful things too. I have bought items from her shop in New Hampshire. So be looking for her!