A new young man in our lives!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sadly, we lost one of our beloved working companions two weeks ago.  My sister and I have always had our dogs at our feet as we work on our furniture projects.  After 11.5 years, our faithful Aussie, Digby had to say goodbye.  It was with great emotion that we let him go.  He was so much a part of our daily work day.  But......we now have a new little boy to join Molly, our beautiful, gentle yellow lab.  She is so willing to have him join the crew, we are so proud of her.  We welcomed Caleb to the fold, a 10.5 month old Aussie boy that had to be given up by his previous owners because of financial and health problems.  We traveled 17 hours round trip to rescue him and give him his forever home.  He is quite the character, just take one look at him and you will understand why we all love him already...........


(Notice my goofy tongue hanging to one side and my pretty blue eyes!)

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5 Responses to “A new young man in our lives!”

  1. I would of fallen in love too!!!

  2. Ahhhh he looks so sweet and I love the tongue hanging to one side, adorable!! My Lulu( a bulldog) sleeps with hers hanging out and she usually always has her lip stuck up on one of her teeth, ahe cracks me up, she just looks at me like what are you laughing at, you can't help but laugh at them!!

  3. What a cutie...and the fact that you saved him...a blessing.

  4. Love your blog, and your furniture is exquisite, and, of course, your new young man is very handsome, even with his tongue hanging out!

  5. awww..I would have taken him home too. I just found your blog, it is beautiful. I love the winter pictures as well.