Annie Sloan Paris Grey.......a fun day!

Monday, August 20, 2012

I decided I needed some time to play, playing for me is trying new paint colors and techniques!  I love the new Chalk Paint craze and decided to open up some cans that I stockpiled last year in anticipation of creating great was the moment!  I have always been afraid of grey paint, but was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the color on a small decorative side table that was lined up for painting. 
The Paris Grey felt right for this dainty 1920s side table...I am a fan of heavy distressing so I sanded her down with a sanding block, allowing her to take on a personality of her own...
Once she was distressed in "all the right places", I took out my handy wax brush and went to town with some soft wax......I loved the way the wax darkened the Paris Grey.....just the shade I was hoping for....
and then......
Tres Chic!
Using Paris Grey, Annie Sloan chalk paint on this pretty little table was the Saturday afternoon adventure I was in need of!  She came out so pretty!

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5 Responses to “Annie Sloan Paris Grey.......a fun day!”

  1. I love Paris Grey! That little feminine table look gorgeous in her new color!

  2. She is one chic little table! I love the details of it and the color is perfect. Of course, so is the paint!

  3. Of course I am reading this after painting an ugly chair white. I thought it looked like chalk, but there you go! After distressing, was going to use a glaze to tone it down but now you've got me interested in the soft wax. I could not imagine painting furniture gray (ugh) but that table looks fabulous!