Painted Cottage Furniture.....Painted Cottage Style, What is it?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Ahhh.....  familiar terms that describe the type of decor that we want to accomplish to get that "feeling" of home! Whether or not we love Shabby Chic style, Painted Cottage style, French Farmhouse Chic, French Country, Farmhouse Decor, Coastal Chic Home, or an amazing Romantic Style Home it can be accomplished by adding beautiful furnishings and touches to your style of choice.  We will start with Painted Cottage Style:

Painted Cottage Armoire

Painted Cottage style furniture is usually very romantic, reminiscent of the time it was produced.  Pieces of cottage furniture can date anywhere from 1890-1940.  The industrial age of mass produced furniture began!  Usually Cottage Style furniture was factory made with woods such as walnut and mahogany and veneers were used in abundance.  In their natural state, these pieces can be unattractive and look tired to most, but we can make them shine again!   Most would refer this style as "Shabby Chic". We refer to it as Painted Cottage Furniture. We work our magic and make these timeworn pieces come alive again!

Restored cottage armoire
Before restoration
Painted Cottage armoire restored, roses and glass knobs
After restoration

Painted Cottage Beds
Painted Cottage beds usually were produced between 1890-1940 were offered in "Twin size" and "Full size"  Queen and King size beds were not offered until the 1950s-60s.  Painted Cottage Beds are perfect additions to Children's bedrooms, Beach Cottages, Romantic Homes, Shabby Chic decor, guest rooms and Painted Cottage style homes.  They can be so Romantic Home Style and fit into today's French Country decor.  They can be either newly upholstered and painted or just painted with floral appliques added.
Shabby Chic painted cottage bed with posters and roses
Vintage Painted Cottage Style Bed

Painted Cottage shabby chic bed white
1920s Painted Cottage style bed

 Painted cottage beds with roses
Vintage 1930s Cottage Style Painted Bed
 Painted Cottage Bed white
King or Queen style Painted Cottage Bed

Painted Cottage Dressers

Dressers that are considered Cottage Dressers usually were made of walnut with veneer or mahogany.  It was common to see them with attached mirrors that were on stanchions.  These sets were commonly sold in catalogs such as Sears or in local furniture stores.  This type of furniture was considered inexpensive and affordable for the normal household.  We now find them irresistibly charming to use as Painted Cottage Furniture because of their romantic lines and durability.   

Shabby chic tall painted dresser with rose appliques
1920s tall chest Painted Cottage Furniture

Shabby Chic style dresser with glass knobs
1920s Cottage Dresser with floral appliques

Shabby Chic Painted Cottage dresser
Painted Cottage tall dresser with floral appliques
We pride ourselves on our workmanship and quality!  If you have need of any Painted Cottage Furniture, give us a call!  We will be more than happy to help you find the perfect piece for your home!

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A Romantic China Closet and a Tale of my Excitement!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Once I laid eyes on her, I knew that I HAD to have her....Sitting there all alone in a corner of a dark and lonely antique store....I saw her potential.  My mind was racing about the possibilities that lay before her.......  I had just gotten out of the hospital, my arm in a sling.  Yep...I had just gotten home from a total shoulder replacement!  That particular day I decided to ride along with my husband as he delivered two of our recently restored armoires to a dear customer in Rhode Island.   On our trip homeward my eyes were darting left and right for hidden treasure spots where I could find a special piece that may be awaiting a new life! I SPOTTED IT! A shop hidden in the bushes, I caught a glimpse of part of an overgrown sign that said "ANTIQUES".   A delighted squeal erupted from me and almost scared my hubby to death!  I then asked my husband nicely  yelled for my husband to go back so I could look inside.  He humored me and around we turned, me sitting at the edge of my seat with great anticipation.  "You know you aren't going to be able to work on furniture for a couple more months" he said......"Um....I know" I said with weak conviction, I'd find a way to continue my work even if it meant I would become left handed!  Inside I went and there SHE was!  The most beautiful 1920s china closet, pristine yet in need of finding a new purpose, a new look and a new home.  
I checked her out top to bottom, wiggled her legs, opened her drawers, looked at her interior....great bones, no issues, just in need of some TLC.  
It would be months before I could tackle her,but that was OK, it was all good as long as I knew she could come home with me, it was her time to join the 21st century, her time to shine!
Now that I am in full swing again and fully recovered, it was time to restore this beauty, turn her into a dream come true.  Working on her made sis and I smile, seeing her turn into a beautiful piece of art made us happy.  We carefully took her apart, shelves removed, grill removed, glass removed, we painstakingly gave her the attention she needed, she was worth it!
Here she is finished:
 Restored shabby chic China Closet
We painted her a shade of creamy white, distressed her lightly and added beautiful crystal knobs to her door and her drawers.
If you look inside the drawers you will find a pretty surprise!
Each of her drawers have been painted a pretty shade of French blue, lovingly stenciled with a beautiful flower basket stencil.  
This stunning china closet will be the centerpiece of someone's home!
 Her beautiful carved legs are so typical 1920s.... full of romance and are so charming!
 Her interior two shelves have plate grooves, perfect for platters and dishes
She would be perfect for linen storage, craft room storage, toy storage or spectacular in a bathroom to store towels and toiletries! 
This restoration was so much fun and so rewarding, we eagerly await that special person that will call her home!  Will it be you? 

This stunning restored China Closet can be found in our Etsy store.

We ship country wide and can provide you with a shipping quote if you provide us with your ZIP code.  All shipping is fully insured, let us handle all the details for you, all you have to do is wait for her to be delivered to your home!  
Call Us!

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Is Farmhouse Chic YOUR style??? 

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This Ain't your Mama's China Closet!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

We have spent so much time with this gorgeous 1920s china closet, I felt quite attached by the time she was finished!  She was sitting sad and lonely for quite some time in our storage area until one day I gave her the eye and said "you're finally getting your day"!  I honestly thought I saw a glimmer of hope in her then grimy window....she wanted to shine once again.  We brought her to the workroom and spent some time dismantling her and finding out that she was missing a top pediment and her window fretwork was missing.   So sis and I set off to make her gorgeous again.....drawing, sawing, sanding....she came together beautifully!  New crystal knobs grace her front along with beautiful rose garlands galore.  WoW!  Sis and I are becoming quite the professionals if I do say so myself.  No husbands were involved in her!

In all her glory once again...

Shabby Chic China closet

Pretty from all sides!

Another beautiful surprise can be found when you open her wonderful bottom storage drawer...
A beautiful French Flower Basket Stencil!
The drawer interior is painted the same gorgeous shade of French Blue with a wonderful French Flower Basket stencil topped off with new sparkly crystal knobs.

You can find this beauty in our ETSY store, and if by chance when you go to visit her she has already sold, we can create one just for you!  Just drop us a line and we will be happy to call you to discuss the possibilities! 
A great video of her can be found on our Facebook Page!

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Stunning! A Queen Bed that is aMaZiNg!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

oH My GoSh!

A Queen Size Bed to Die for! We love creating and I think we have created a beauty! 

Can't you imagine this breathtaking bed piled high with a gorgeous down comforter and tons of amazing chic pillows?  ahhh!
This gorgeous bed is scrumptious and will make your home aMaZiNg!

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Ahhh! Sweet Babies!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Nothing creates a happy, busy commotion like the new arrival of a new baby!   Ah! So sweet!  So many dreams, lots to planning to do for this precious bundle of joy!  What about the nursery?  What will it look like?  What color will it be?  Will the motif be?  Urban Chic, Romantic French, Shabby Chic, French Country?  Will it be filled with vintage pretties?  We hope so! There are so many timeless pieces of vintage furniture that can be restored back to perfection, pieces that have so much history and so much to offer!  Furniture that will evoke fond memories of your childhood, an echo of an era when a piece of furniture was made sturdy and was meant to be passed on to the next generation to cherish!  We would love to help you create memories for the generation to come!    Juniper Hill Antiques would love to help you accomplish this!
A wonderful addition to any nursery would be a solid wood dresser, similar to this beauty from 1940, fully restored.  We have added one of our beautiful baby changer dresser toppers for use in the nursery.   Once baby has grown, the topper can be removed and the dresser can take it's rightful place in a growing child's bedroom! Solid wood construction, this era of dresser will serve many  more generations to come!

Need a comfy place to sit with baby?  Our newly painted and upholstered Bergere chairs will make any nursery shine!  This type of chair can be placed in your child's bedroom and he/she grows.  We have many styles to choose from! Custom colors available. We will work with you to make your dream come true!
 Do you have dreams of raising a Boho Gypsy Princess?  We have the perfect furniture pieces available for her!  Footloose and fancy free, we have some gorgeous pieces to make her room the perfect place to be!
Are you looking to fill Prince Charming's room with furniture that will last till he's ready for college?  We have it!  Solid wood, newly painted and upholstered.  We can provide you with a custom set that will make any young man feel like a King!

If you are looking for real furniture to fill your nursery, child's room or home with, check us out!  We love custom orders and will work closely with you to make your dreams come true!

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In Persuit of Perfection....or Adding to Perfection?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Our teal sideboard in one of our amazing clients home
I've been sitting here perusing Pinterest, Beautiful Home Decor Blogs, amazing Facebook pages feeling a little bit humbled and a lot in awe.... it makes me reflect and admire those that can create such beauty that surrounds them and how in the world do they accomplish it?   I say this in anguish as I look around my home and see the dog's leash strewn over the chair in the slipper here, one slipper there...a rolling dust bunny taunts me as I type this, would I ever be able to attain this kind of beauty surrounding me?  

The dust bunny culprit

I am pondering this question...rolling it around and around in my head  thinking of our dear clients and then, all of a sudden.....a light-bulb moment....WAIT!  Our purpose is to HELP those that want beauty surrounding them! Then.... and only then I feel a sense of calm settle over me......YES!.....our calling is to help others attain this kind of beauty.... to see their vision and help them create it.  Whew! I feel better!  

We have had some amazing customers over the years!  Thank You!

  One (we have many!) of my many favorite clients to remember is Marty.  Marty and his wife Missy are in the process restoring a gorgeous Ship Captains home on the Connecticut River in Middle Haddam.  Missy surprised Marty with our Linen Press, one that Marty had been admiring for quite a while. Marty was taken totally by surprise and his response was priceless!...a response that I personally was honored to see!  It makes my heart glad to know how much our work is appreciated!
Marty's surprise!

Yes, we work hard, we take our job seriously.  To realize that we are instrumental in helping others attain their vision is a true reward, dust bunnies and all!.  Yes, we are in the pursuit of perfection, we are in the business of helping many attain perfection for their homes!  What more could we ask?  

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